How he makes something up to you

  • ashton: he would probably take a sensitive joke a bit too far and even though you knew he did that quite often with his jokes this one really seemed to hurt you and so you'd get really quiet and unresponsive and he'd try and apologize like twenty times and if that didn't work he would drive to your favorite bakery miles away to pick up a box of some of your favorite pastries and he'd present it to you with a little bow or ribbon on top and he'd look like an adorable little puppy as he apologized to you in a really sincere way and when you'd smile and accept his apology he'd make sure to never make a stupid mistake like that again in order to keep you feeling happy and you'd cuddle on the couch afterward
  • calum: he would probably forget a special date to you like your birthday or your anniversary and it would hurt you so much and he would feel like such an ass for forgetting about it and so you'd end up leaving the house anyway to get away from him but he would probably make something really special and decorate the entire house with dumb little streamers and balloons to make up for the fact he forgot and he'd most likely try to cook for you even though he'd probably end up ruining half of it and when you'd come home he'd surprise you and you'd laugh as he apologized to you and then you skipped dinner because birthday/anniversary sex with calum woop woop
  • luke: tbh luke would most likely say something really stupid without noticing and you'd get pissed and leave and he wouldn't even figure out what he had said until like ten minutes later but once he realized he would feel really bad and try to let you have your space for a little bit but after a good amount of time he would be such a sweetheart and be really gentle around you and he'd apologize by bringing you a little stuffed animal and your favorite cup of tea and he would make sure everything was perfect for you so he would keep his distance as you tried your tea and when you smiled and told him it was fine he would jump onto you and kiss you everywhere just to keep you smiling
  • michael: he would probably say something to you that he didn't mean when he was in a bad mood and he'd notice how much it would hurt you the second it left his lips and if you walked away from him he'd drop everything and follow after you and call your name and you'd lock yourself in the bathroom and he'd keep knocking on the door trying to get you to apologize and he'd leave and after 20 minutes he would slip a note under your door and you'd read it and it would only say 'please come out, babe xx' and you'd roll your eyes and open the door and he'd be standing with a plate of cookies with a stupid little smile and be like "i made you these" and you'd sigh and smile and take a cookie and accept his apology
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He definitely saw JLaw’s nudes


This is so fricken cute this melts my heart


If you’re mean to Ashton Irwin please know I will rip your ears off, shove them down your throat, dip you in lava, and throw you in a sharknado because he doesn’t deserve to be sad.

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If the whole band thing doesn’t work out for Michael he can always consider this as a career option…



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"5 seconds of nude star"

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Omg remember when

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